The British-Croatian Society is a non-party-political independent registered charity regulated by the laws of England and Wales.

The Society’s objectives are:

  • to advance education, of the citizens of the two countries in science, art, literature, music, history, economics, philosophy and culture (This does include sport!)
  • to provide relief for those who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress, in particular, but not exclusively, Croatian people and their dependents

Objectives are furthered by:

  • cultural exchanges and activities
  • assistance in the education and training of young people between and within the two countries
  • arranging meetings, courses, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, concerts and other artistic or educational activities both in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Croatia

The Society is led by Trustees supported by a general committee and Patrons.

The powers, objectives and working arrangements of the Society are set out in the Memorandum of Association, Rules and its Policies.

The Society’s activities are recorded in Annual Reports.

Events are generally free of charge and there is no membership requirement to attend. Many members and followers have a family or friendship connection to Croatia, but all interested in Croatia are welcome. Members of the Society pay a modest annual subscription and receive discounts on ticketed events and priority booking.

Nicholas Jarrold, Chair
Robert Dolata, Secretary
David Davison, Treasurer
Paul Jenc, Sponsorship
Suzanna Dolata, Membership
Peter Elborn, Events
Tony Brand
Boris Marelić

Flora Turner
Željka Tomljenović (based in Zagreb)

Committee Members
Alan Wilding
Nicholas Auger
Tihana Borovčak
Lana Đurđa
Chelsea Ljutić
Cecilia Mihaljek

Supporting the Society:

Robin Harris
Andrija Kojaković
Sir Nicholas and Lady Jackson

History of the Society

The origins of the Society lie in activities undertaken in the early 1990s in support of Croatia’s declaration of independence. The Society took its present form in 1996 and received charitable status in 2001. Thus the Society has been active for some 30 years and it is appropriate to celebrate this anniversary in 2024.

Looking forward

The Society is now looking to engage across all age groups, interests and areas and welcomes new ideas and initiatives. The Society’s status as a registered charity (No. 1086839) gives it the requisite structure, focus and organisation to continue to further the connection between people of the United Kingdom and Croatia as set out in the Society’s development plan.